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85% Dominican Republic

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The starting point for our two-ingredient, single-origin Dominican Republic bars is premium cacao grown by smallhold farmers and then collected, fermented, and dried by the good folks at Oko Caribe at their location in the Duarte Province of the Dominican Republic.  Oko Caribe takes great care to select the best pods and then uses a well-honed process to ferment and dry them that results in a superior product.

Cocoa is a major agricultural product for the Dominican Republic, with the large majority of it grown by small- to medium-sized farms.  Oko Caribe currently works with 165 farmers who are organized into regional base organizations that receive training and funding.  The Dominican Republic is one of the world's largest producers of organic cocoa and all the beans we receive through our wholesaler are organic and direct-trade.

We then work through a wholesaler to purchase their beans and support their wonderful work.  We sort, roast, grind, winnow, conch, refine, temper, mold, and wrap each batch of bars by hand.  We use pure organic cane sugar to add a bit of sweetness and to compliment the natural flavor of the beans.  These bars are exceptionally smooth and a favorite of our customers who like darker chocolate.

Weight: 1.5 oz

Origin:  Duarte Province, Dominican Republic

Flavor Profile: smooth with hints of honey and walnut

IngredientsCocoa Beans, Pure Organic Cane Sugar