68% India with Pink Himalayan Salt

68% India with Pink Himalayan Salt

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Using our delicious single-origin India chocolate as a starting point, we add pink Himalayan salt to complement the chocolate's unique tang and sweetness.  The result is a surprising but well-balanced bar that has layers of flavor and nuance.  

As with all our chocolate, we make sure we source the ingredients for this bar with an eye to sustainability and ethical farming practices.   We then sort, roast, grind, winnow, conch, refine, temper, mold, and wrap each batch of bars by hand.  We use pure organic cane sugar to complement the tartness of the beans and add balance and just a touch of salt to bring out a whole host of hidden flavors.  It's quickly become a fan favorite!  

Weight: 1.5 oz

Origin:  Anamalai, Tamil Nadu

Flavor Profile: Sweet and uniquely tangy with hints of molasses and caramel

IngredientsCocoa Beans, Pure Organic Cane Sugar, Pink Himalayan Salt

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