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80% Bolivia

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The beans behind these bars are truly unique.  Grown wild in the jungles of Bolivia, they are packed with fruity notes of raisin and currant and are sweeter than most others.  They make for a delicious and bold dark chocolate that was an early favorite.  

We start by purchasing beans through a wholesaler.  We then sort, roast, grind, winnow, conch, refine, temper, mold, and wrap each batch of bars by hand.  We use pure organic cane sugar to add a bit of sweetness and to compliment the natural flavor of the beans.  These bars are exceptionally smooth and a favorite of our customers who like darker chocolate.

Weight: 1.5 oz

Origin:  Tranquilidad Natural Forest Estate, Beni Department, Bolivia

Flavor Profile: raisin, currant, tobacco, molasses  

IngredientsCocoa Beans, Pure Organic Cane Sugar