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78% Tanzania

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The starting point for our two-ingredient, single-origin Tanzania bars is premium cacao grown on rural smallhold farms and collected and sold through Kokoa Kamili.  Unlike the beans we use for most of our other bars, Kokoa Kamili doesn't grow and process their own beans.  Instead, they act as a buyer, working with over 3000 smallhold farmers and paying them well above the market rate for their 'wet' cacao, and do their own fermenting and drying. 

Their approach enables cacao to be a viable product for the farmers they work with, ensuring they receive a fair price and immediate compensation, and Kokoa Kamili to control the critically important drying and fermenting process, helping to ensure a consistent and superior final product.

We then work through a wholesaler to purchase their beans and support their wonderful work.  We sort, roast, grind, winnow, conch, refine, temper, mold, and wrap each batch of bars by hand.  We use pure organic cane sugar to add a bit of sweetness and to compliment the natural flavor of the beans.  These bars are exceptionally smooth and a favorite of our customers who like darker chocolate.

Weight: 1.5 oz

Origin:  Mbingu Village, Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Morogoro Region

Flavor Profile: Fruity with hints of lemon and cherry, undertones of coffee

IngredientsCocoa Beans, Pure Organic Cane Sugar 

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